ElearnSecurity PTP Course Update

eLearnSecurity hosted a webinar for their update to the Penetration Testing Professional (PTP) course yesterday. Since attendance was no cost, I signed up for it. Some of the updates were expected – such as adding HTML5 slides to the course and updating all of the videos to HD with Kali rather than BackTrack. Most of the updates were expected, though some surprises were included.

With the elite level packages, they are giving away free access to the PTS course. The free add is only the barebone level – which means that you will get the content but no access to labs. I think this was done to encourage people who didn’t feel comfortable with the technical level of the PTP to still sign up. As always, they included launch discounts.

Shortly after the webinar ended I got an email letting me know that since my course purchase was recent, the upgrade to the new version would be free for me. For those who signed up for the course awhile back or have an older version – the upgrade will cost you $249. I was originally concerned that I would get the updated content, but that was lab time would still be used – however in this case, when it updated it reset lab time to the full 120 hours.

As soon as the update activated on my account, I spent some time going through the module. It looks like the System Security section received a lot of love – something I definitely approve of. The module going over assembly and buffer overflows has improved. It looks like in other sections they focus a lot more on privilege escalation – which as I understand is critical in OSCP, the exam a lot of people move to after the eCPPT.

When the move to the new version was announced I took a break from studying to give myself some down time and a chance to work around the house. I recently brought home the dogs (two malamutes) and have been focusing on getting them settled and use to walking the behemoths every day. Now that the course is updated – I am ready to get back into the groove.

My plan is to obtain the eCPPT certification then tries to improve my skillset before moving to the OSCP.  I think after this I will look at the SLAE (SecurityTube Linux Assembly Expert) course. Thanks to JollyFrog from TechExam.net – he has an awesome post on the course.  Programming and scripting in general is one of the areas I know I will be weak in. My goal is to be able to comfortably write my own exploits and automation scripts prior to the OSCP. But, that is a ways off and for now I need to focus on the task at hand!





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